University Steam Boiler/Heat Exchanger Replacement

Our client, a university in eastern Canada, operates a 4 boiler plant with a boiler/heat exchanger combination. The boiler, operating at 175 PSIG, generates steam that is used in the heat exchanger to heat up hot water in a closed loop system. This unique hot water distribution network is one of only two similar systems in Canada. The boiler was designed with no feedwater pump and condensate from the heat exchanger goes directly back into the boiler.

Bacon Engineering was tasked with replacing one of the four boilers and integrating the new boiler into this unique set-up. We added a control strategy to the economizer which increased its efficiency by utilizing high temperature hot water (HTHW) instead of feedwater. The client was so pleased with the first unit that they have since ordered a second boiler.

For more details on this project or to find out how we can design a similar system for your business, please contact Bacon Engineering today.

University steam boiler
University steam boiler

University Steam Boiler & Heat Exchanger Replacement
University Steam Boiler & Heat Exchanger Replacement

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Project Specifications

Project Description   University Steam Boiler/Heat Exchanger Replacement
Special Features   Unique hot water distribution network
Boiler Specs  
English Boiler 70,000 lb/hr,
D-type DS design
#2 oil with propane ignition
Standard operating pressure of 175 PSIG (saturated steam)
Burner Specs   Faber Low NOx burner
Heat Exchanger Specs   Southern shell and tube heat exchanger
Burner Management System Specs   Honeywell single burner relay BMS
Boiler Control System Specs   Allen Bradley PLC
Services Supplied   Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Start-up, Training

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