Testimonials for Bacon Engineering

"In regard to the performance of Bacon Engineering on various undertakings at Flakeboard's composite panel plant in St. Stephen, NB, I am happy to recommend Bacon Engineering based on our experience.

Bacon supported a total plant conversion of some 38 appliances from oil or propane firing to natural gas (or dual fuel) fired condition. The conversion involved several key manufacturing processes requiring production interruptions and critical timing. Many of the conversions involved custom adaptations to existing burners and combustion systems.

Flakeboard continues to engage Bacon's services for technical support and problem solving throughout our range of applications whether they are gas, dust or wood fired systems. We have developed a confidence in their ability to add value to our business."

B. Wiggins, P. Eng, Engineering Manager, Flakeboard Company Limited

"Bacon Engineering has been doing work at our Moorefield, Ontario plant since 1995. They have been involved in major expansions of our facility, including the addition of a used boiler to our steam plant. This boiler required comprehensive engineering with respect to burner design, layout and operation. The new controls, burner management system and fuel trains were all designed by Bacon Engineering.

They handled the total job with professionalism and a detail to design that brought the job in on schedule and on budget. This boiler still operates well.

We would be pleased to utilize Bacon Engineering for any future work in our plant and recommend them highly."

D. Turton, Chief Engineer, Rothsay (Moorefield)

"Bacon Engineering was the firm selected to convert Rothsay Winnipeg's 1900HP high pressure steam boiler from a simple parallel combustion to a metered combustion system because of our confidence in their expertise, based on successful projects at two other Rothsay plants in Ontario.

The Winnipeg boiler suppliers high pressure steam for a rendering plant that operates 7 days per week...The retrofit involved installing boiler and plant master controllers, as well as transmitters and controllers for all controlled variables including steam pressure, water levels, air and fuel flows, flue gas temperature and composition as well as safety interlocks, etc...

This project had added complexity beyond the normal boiler application due to the use of high pressure condensate return systems (HPCRS) as well as the fact that the boiler uses non condensable process gas as part of its combustion air.

Bacon Engineering worked around our production schedule to ensure the system was installed and operating with a minimum of production downtime. The system was installed as budgeted and has been operating very reliably and predictably since commissioning."

R. Vincent, Chief Engineer, Rothsay (Winnipeg)