Industrial Steam Boiler Replacement

Bacon Engineering won a tender to replace an industrial steam boiler for a well-known brewery in Eastern Canada. Space was limited, which prohibited the installation of a standard boiler.

We custom designed the new boiler to fit the small available footprint by positioning both the flue gas output and the economizer at the top of the boiler rather than attached to the side.

The 25,000 lb/hr boiler has a Faber low NOx burner and an Allen Bradley metered control system with touch screen. The new system meets current NFPA, B149 gas code and all provincial (TSSA) guidelines, as do all our projects at Bacon Engineering.

For more details on this project or to find out how we can custom design a steam system specifically for your business, please contact Bacon Engineering today.

Molsons boiler 1
Molsons boiler 1

Molsons boiler 2
Molsons boiler 2

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Project Specifications

Project Description   Industrial Steam Boiler Replacement
Special Features   Metered control system
Boiler Specs   English Boiler 25,000 lb/hr, D-type DS design
#2 oil
Standard operating pressure of 100 PSIG (saturated steam)
Burner Specs   Faber Low NOx burner
Economizer Specs   English Boiler economizer
Burner Management System Specs   Honeywell single burner relay BMS
Boiler Control System Specs   Allen Bradley PLC
Services Supplied   Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Start-up, Training

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