Industrial Boiler Control and Burner Management System Conversion

A large central heating plant in southern Ontario required a relay-based burner management system to be replaced on 8 dual burner industrial steam boilers firing natural gas and #2 oil. A hot swappable fuel switch was designed into the system so the boiler could remain in operation while switching fuels.

Due to the complexity of the project and the client's production requirements, the burner management conversion was completed in three phases over three summers.

Subsequently we modernized the plant's old pneumatic boiler controls by installing a new distributed control system.

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Project Specifications

Project Description   Industrial Boiler Control and Burner Management System Conversion
Special Features   Hot swappable fuel switch & dual burners
Burner Management System Specs   Fireye dual fuel burner BMS (natural gas and #2 oil)
Boiler Control System Specs   Siemens PCS 7 DCS
Services Supplied   Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Start-up, Training

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