Hospital Steam Plant Expansion

A busy hospital in Toronto, Ontario found its heat requirements increasing as the hospital underwent capital expansion. Bacon Engineering was contracted to supply a new industrial steam boiler to address these changing needs.

We designed and engineered a 60,000 lb/hr boiler that operates on both natural gas and #2 oil as needed. Additionally, the project included a Faber low NOx burner, English Boiler economizer and Fireye single burner relay burner management system. The system incorporated a Bailey DCS control system with Siemens 353 controllers for backup.

As always, the turnkey project was completed on time and on budget.

For more details on this project or to find out how we can help you expand your industrial or institutional steam plant, please contact Bacon Engineering today.

Sunnybrook 1
Sunnybrook 1

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Sunnybrook 2

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Project Specifications

Project Description   Hospital Steam Plant Expansion
Boiler Specs   English Boiler 60,000 lb/hr, D-type DS design
Natural gas and #2 oil
Standard operating pressure of 100 PSIG (saturated steam)
Burner Specs   Faber Low NOx burner
Economizer Specs   English Boiler Economizer
Burner Management System Specs   Fireye single burner relay BMS
Boiler Control System Specs   Bailey DCS control system with Siemens 353 controllers for backup
Services Supplied   Design, Engineering, Supply, Start-up, Training

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